Aberystwyth BID

Advancing Aberystwyth Ar Y Blaen Ltd is now up and running and as you know, the levy bills have been sent out.

We now need to start putting our business plan into action and are keen to involve you in developing the programme in more detail and putting forward your views.

We will be holding our first two theme group meetings:

Improving access and connections – 5:30pm on Wednesday, 18th January

Promoting and marketing our offer – 5:30pm on Thursday, 26th January

Both meetings will take place at Aberystwyth Town Council, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth, SY23 2BJ.

Please come along to share your ideas and find out more about the BID. Until we have a chance to collect contact details for all levy payers, please could you pass on information about the meetings to any other businesses that you speak to.

If you would like any more information, please call Mandy Jenkins on 07803 503972 or email info@aberystwythbid.com.

We hope to see you at one of the meetings.

The Advancing Aberystwyth Ar Y Blaen BID Board

BID services have to be in addition to the services provided by the council, the police and others. Advancing Aberystwyth will:

Improve access and connectivity in and around the town.

Strengthen relationships between the private and public sectors.

Develop a stronger business community.

Enhance our town’s offering.

Build upon the town’s reputation for entertainment with a programme of vibrant events.

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